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Rent a party boat for your group, day or night, all year round!

If you aren’t interested in joining one of our weekly scheduled events, but would still like to organise a river cruise for your group of friends, we can help with this as well! We can organise a private boat party for you and your friends on any day of the week, at any time. Our prices depend on group size.

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Ticket Price:

For less than 10 People: 150.000 HUF (500 EUR) fixed price.

  • 11-20 People: 15,000 HUF (50,00 EUR) per person
  • 21-30 People: 8,500 HUF (28,50 EUR) per person
  • 31-40 People: 8,000 HUF (27,00 EUR) per person
  • 41-50 People: 7,500 HUF (25,00 EUR) per person
  • 51-75 People: 7,000 HUF (23,50 EUR) per person
  • 76-100 People: 6,500 HUF (22,00 EUR) per person
  • 101-125 People: 6,000 HUF (20,00 EUR) per person
  • 126-150 People: 5,500 HUF (18,50 EUR) per person

For groups of over 150 people please enquire about special pricing (fill the form out for 150 people and we'll get back to you).

Ticket Includes:
  • Table Reservation and Welcome Drink at Meeting Point
  • 2hour River Course
  • Welcome Drink Upon arrival to the boat
  • English Speaking Party Hosts
  • FREE Club entry after the cruise
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Please make sure to bring it with you to the meeting point
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*Participation only over 18 with booking

Don't miss out, guarantee your place instantly online! Once you have paid meet at the meeting point and bring your paypal receipt + your ID.

This price is only an estimate, you do not have to pay anything now. Our bookings manager will be in touch soon to finalise the details of your booking.

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